Panorama History


1879 Founding of the Gustav Schade Maschinenfabrik in Dortmund.
1952 First reclaiming scraper for the coke-oven plant Gewerkschaft Viktor in Castrop-Rauxel.
1953 First foreign order for a fertiliser plant, Compagnie Neederlandaise in the Netherlands.
1959 World’s first reclaiming scraper with double boom.
1968 First reclaiming scraper for a coal-fired power station; Veba Ruhr power station.
1975 First order for the cement industry: Ketton Portland Cement in Great Britain; bridge scraper.
1970-1980 development of licensee business with contracts in USA, Australia, South Africa, India. 1981 First scraper for FGD gypsum in flue-gas desulphurisation of the STEAG power station Bergkamen. 1996 - 1999 Nine of the world’s largest circular storage units are supplied to the power station Mai Liao in Taiwan. In 1996 the world’s largest portal scraper for coal, with the largest span and highest capacity, is supplied to Dartbrook in Australia.
2001 Integration into the AUMUND Group.
2002 Relocation to the new office building in Herne.
2004 Nine coal circular storage units of 120m diameter for power stations in China.
2005 Anglo Coal in Dawson Creek orders three scrapers and stackers for reclaiming and storage of raw coal and coal product.
2006 Follow-up order from Anglo Coal for the Lake Lindsay project in Australia for three stackers and scrapers each for reclaiming and storage of raw coal and coal product.